Keeping Fit After Fatherhood: 3 Tricks to Ditch Your Dad Bod


Has becoming a dad brought with it a few extra pounds? Professional wrestler and “Dad Bod Destroyer” Robbie E reveals the secret to staying fit after fatherhood.

3 Fitness Tips from Robbie E, The Dad Bod Destroyer

Having spent half his life as a professional wrestler, the transition to fatherhood was no sweat for New Jersey native Robbie E (real name, Rob Strauss)—even if it meant having twins. “I decided that no matter what, I was going to make it work,” says the dad of two-year-old Cash and Carter, who’s recently taken that promise to the next level with his role as the “Dad Bod Destroyer” for Muscle & Fitness. The online video series stars Robbie E (as well as Cash and Carter) in a series of at-home workouts geared towards fathers who are finding it hard to find time for physical fitness. “A lot of dads end up making excuses,” Robbie E says. “The free time that they have, they want to dedicate to their children instead of working out. That’s why I’m combining the two.”

Here’s Robbie E’s best advice for new fathers who aren’t willing to settle for life with a “dad bod.”

1. Don’t wait until the kids are asleep to work out

Instead of leaving your gym session for those precious few moments of “me-time” in the evening, how about incorporating your kids into your workout during the day? In his Dad Bod Destroyer videos, Robbie E combines heart-pumping physical activity with his duties as a father, keeping his 12-month-old twins engaged and entertained throughout his routine. “They can be playing with their toys while I’m doing pushups and making funny faces at them,” he says. The key to doing this successfully, he says, is to maintain constant interaction throughout the session, even if it’s just making eye contact and facial expressions.

2. Use the equipment you’ve got handy

No gym equipment lying around? No problem! New dads are often forced to master the art of improvisation, and Robbie E has become very creative in repurposing baby gear as free weights. “You can use car seats as dumb bells and do curls with them, or front raises for your shoulders,” he says. Here are seven more household items that are fitness equipment in disguise.

3. Go back to basics

If you’ve only got five minutes to workout, Robbie E recommends making the most of it with old-school calisthenics. “Run in place, do jumping jacks, squats or pushups,” he says. “Keep it very simple. You don’t need any equipment.” Here are more ways to work out when you have absolutely no time.